KARRIAGE-MATE Multiple Purpose Wine Travel Hardside Luggage for Carrying 10 Bottles Wine (Blue)


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Brand: Karriage-Mate

Color: Blue


  • Carry 10 Bottles of Wine
  • Multiple Purpose Luggage. Wine Luggage & Wine Carry Bag Can Be Used Separately
  • Hardside Luggage
  • Expandable Luggage
  • Spinning Wheel
  • TSA Lock
  • Wine Bottles are Not Breakable When Removable Wine Carry Bag Dropped From Up To 6 Feet
  • Insulated Wine Carry Bags Keep Desired Wine Temperature

Details: Hardside Luggage, expandable with spinning wheels, TSA lock. Carry 10 bottles of wine. Removable wine carry bags. Maximum capacity is 10 bottles of wine in both Burgundy & Bordeaux shaped wine bottle. Internal space is 23″ x 17″ x 10″ (12” after expanded). Suitcase weighs 9 lbs. Suitcase with wine carry bags weighs 15 lbs. Suitcase with 10 bottles of wine weighs 40 lbs. Wine bottles are unbreakable when bag is dropped from up to 6 feet. Insulated bags can be used separately. Wine luggage can be used as regular luggage after removing wine carry bags. 5 Years Warranty.

UPC: 810471020069