KAPLA 1000 Pack


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Brand: KAPLA

Color: Einfarbig


  • Packaging dimensions: 40.0 L x 41.4 H x 40.0 W (Zm)
  • Educational tool
  • Promotes motor skills and concentration skills
  • Package weight: 18.9 kg

Details: Kapla box 1000 pieces box original wooden building blocks. The 1000 piece box from Kapla ensures unlimited fun. Kapla trains logical thinking, promotes creativity and increases concentration as well as patience and endurance and is therefore used in many nurseries and schools as an educational educational tool. The fascinating world of Kapla consists only and alone of the exact same size Kapla building blocks with a size. But it certainly does not get monotonous with these building blocks. Once you have started working with Kapla building blocks, you won’t get rid of it so quickly. The ingenious design is based on the three-dimensional golden cut one – three – five – fiftee, that is, three times the thickness corresponds to the width, five times the width corresponds to the length and fifteen times the thickness results in the length. Thanks to this design, which the Kapla founder Tom van der Bruggen, you can put together impressive buildings, animals and shapes. The game introduces the child into the areas of geometry, physics, technology and mathematics, while Kapla sensitises the vision of shapes and volume, as well as art and plastic performance. Kapla is an unlimited game and offers opportunities and challenges for all ages. Older children create more complex structures that require a greater sight of thinking as well as in manual skills. Box of 1000 Kapla building blocks packed in a storage box with rolls. Includes instructions (English language not guaranteed) promotes playfully logical thinking, increases concentration and patience. Warning: not suitable for children under 36 months

UPC: 814647006000