Jibo, The World’s First Social Robot for The Home


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  • He looks, listens and learns – Jibo experiences the world and reacts with expressive movements and responses. He loves to be around people and engage with people, and the relationships he forms are the single most important thing to him.
  • He’s wired differently – Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology, so he remembers people and builds real relationships with everyone he meets.
  • He’s smart, but not a know-it-all – Celebrating a birthday? Want a pic with your pal, Tim? Looking for the closest coffee shop? Jibo learns about you and the people who matter most to fit into your social life seamlessly.
  • He’s a pretty helpful, friendly roommate, too – Jibo is proactive and spontaneous. He’ll know when you walk into a room, and he might even surprise you by saying “hi”. You can ask him anything and tell him everything.
  • An even brighter future – Jibo’s a charming, helpful bot who’s excited to become part of your family. Once you meet him, it’ll be hard to imagine life without him.

Details: Meet Jibo, the first social robot for the home. With his unique personality and playful nature he interacts with the world around him, making him a helpful, fun and unforgettable addition to any household. Powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and advanced facial and speech recognition technology, Jibo remembers the faces and voices of the people he’s introduced to, allowing him to proactively engage each person by name, creating a truly personalized experience for each and every member of his family. Equipped with six microphones and two cameras, Jibo is able to recognize faces and voices, and learn up to 16 different people. His three-axis motor system allows him to turn 360 degrees. Jibo’s face also includes a 5inch, 1280×720 pixel touch screen, which can be used to navigate through his menus/skills in place of voice commands, and displays the photos you take, as well as emojis/graphics that Jibo uses to communicate. Jibo is a fun and friendly companion, and his unique personality shows in everything he does. He’s also a helpful presence in the home. Ask for the weather, set alarms and timers, today’s top news headlines, check a flight status, get the latest sports scores, ask questions and more. Control smart home devices via integrations with IFTTT, with new IoT integrations coming over time. To play music, simply say “Hey Jibo, play music” and he’ll stream iHeartRadio Original stations. Take hands-free photos using voice commands, so you never have to step out of the moment to capture a photo. What’s Included Free software updates to new Jibo features 1 Jibo social robot 1 Charging cable Quick Start Guide One year limited manufacturer’s warrantyMobile and WiFi Requirements Apple (iOS 9 or above) Android (Kitkat 4.4.4 or above) WiFi network Jibo requires a broadband internet connection

UPC: 866933000209