HMEI Drawing Board Game Children’s Drawing Board Single-Sided Message Board Wooden Frame Magnetic Graffiti Board Suitable for Office and School Gift (Size : 30x40cm (11.8×15.7in))


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Brand: HMEI


  • Through drawing, writing and playing games to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination on the drawing board. The drawing board helps to exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination, perception and imagination, ensuring that you stay at ease and relaxed when your child is playing.
  • Comfortable office life, retaining inspiration, sometimes only needs a blackboard.
  • Wooden frame single-sided blackboard. Easy to write and easy to erase, can attract magnetic buckle, flexible pen holder, wipe clean.
  • The magnetic design of the board allows you to post paper, photo announcements, etc. at will, which can effectively improve office efficiency.
  • The product has three sizes to choose from, which are 30x40cm (11.8×15.7in), 45x60cm (17.7×23.6in), 60x90cm (23.6×35.4in) drawing board