hanzeni Kids Upright Luggage for Suitcase, with Spinner Wheels Carry On Hard Shell Trolley Case, Lightweight Travel Toys 16 Inch


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Brand: hanzeni

Color: Yellow,Navy,Pink


  • Fashionable and practical: cherry blossom pink loved by girls, navy blue liked by boys, and wild lemon yellow. Three clean and simple colors, which can match various colors of clothing, can make children become a beautiful scenery no matter the airport or the journey. 16-inch small hard-edged luggage can be carried on board.
  • Three enclosed storage spaces: underwear area, outerwear area, shoe area or wash storage area. Three Sudoku
  • There is an independent storage space, and each partition is equipped with an independent zipper, which is firmly fixed to prevent the clothes from sliding or scattering. When the child opens and closes the box by himself, it is not easy for the clothes to overflow or fail to close.
  • Front quick opening design: unique front opening cover design, with specially designed knob lock. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise to easily open the front cover, which is convenient for one-handed opening. When the front cover is attached to the cabinet, it will be automatically locked. The design that can be opened by manual rotation can also effectively prevent the box

Details: Size: 16-inch small hard-edged suitcase, can carry registration
Tie rod: can be pulled up to 92CM, adjustable in 4 steps, 1CM swing around, suitable for 100CM+ height
Wheels: Double-row silent universal wheels, glide quietly, smoothly, suitable
Various road surfaces.
Material: PC+ ABS material, waterproof and scratch-resistant, reducing scratches when going up stairs
Draw boxes to protect the box effectively
Net weight: about 2.9kg
Product volume: about 26L
Product size: 330x 425x 226mm (17 inches)
Closed way: frame lock
Color: blue, pink, lemon yellow