Halo Mega Bloks Halo Battlescape II 96983


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Brand: Mega Bloks


  • Buildable forested war-torn terrain inspired by the memorable environments of the Halo Universe
  • Interconnecting tiles let you expand the Battlescape II with other buildable terrains
  • Pronged pieces and 3 vehicle display rods allow you to pose your buildable Halo vehicles
  • UNSC Forces: 1 UNSC Spartan-II, 1 Marine with interchangeable Flood Combat Form figure pieces
  • Covenant Forces: 1 Blue Elite Pilot, 1 Covenant Ghost

Details: From the Manufacturer

Mega Bloks – Halo – Battlescape IIEstablish your army, build and expand your battles like never before with the Halo Battlescape II buildable set by Mega Bloks. The Halo Battlescape II lets you build iconic battle scenes on authentic war torn terrain for realistic skirmishes like never before. At a mysterious Forerunner outpost, containment of the Flood has been breached. As a UNSC Marine becomes infected, a UNSC Spartan-II and Covenant Elite Pilot join forces to eliminate the parasite before it consumes everything in its path. Expand your battle scene with multiple Halo Battlescapes and create even larger and more dynamic environments. Each Halo Battlescape II includes durable, interconnecting pronged plates, three vehicle display rods and interchangeable Flood Combat Form. figure pieces. Go inside the Forerunner Outpost for close-quarters combat or go outside and blast the Flood with your heaviest weapons. Choose your side, build the battle and display the victor. Ideal for children ages 8 and up.

UPC: 885104289724