Golden Sun: The Lost Age


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Brand: Nintendo

Color: Black with a label

Edition: Standard


  • In ancient times, alchemy turned humanity toward a thriving civilization. When the alchemy was sealed in elemental lighthouses, their corrupting influence was removed. But a new party seeks to unlock the lighthouses & release the alchemic forces.
  • Join up with a party and use your powers as an Adept to control one of the four elements
  • Exciting turn-based combat combines with immersive puzzle-solving and an exciting storyline for thrilling role-playing action
  • Collect Djinn to boost your power and character stats
  • Two-player simultaneous play through GameLink cable

Details: The story of Golden Sun: The Lost Age picks up right near the end of the first game. Golden Sun veterans will be surprised to learn that The Lost Age is played from the point of view of the party being chased as they try to light the remaining two lighthouses, which will unlock the power of alchemy for the world–or will it instead unlock the world’s destruction? Also, players who have finished the first game can transfer their party into the The Lost Age, either through the separately sold game link cable or through a password. Product description In Golden Sun: The Lost Age you will reactivate the power of alchemy and try to bring forth another golden age! Unlock secrets by transferring saved data from the first Golden Sun game to this one

UPC: 045496731908