God Hand – PlayStation 2


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Author: Artist Not Provided

Brand: Capcom

Edition: Standard


  • Deep fighting system – Over 100 moves to master
  • Fully customizable combos
  • Furious fighting action
  • Exciting mini games, including a casino

Details: God Hand gives you the chance to play a larger than life hero who has been given the power of the “God Hand.” Travel into a new world, where super-powered gangs attack small town. As a wanderer named Gene, you’ll take them on and bring the God Hand down on villains. From cool moves to the twisted painful reactions of enemies, beating down the bad guys has never been more satisfying. God Hand unleashes over-the-top fighting and action with outrageous undertones. Featuring a deep fighting system, players can create unique and personalized fighting styles.

UPC: 013388260669