GameCube Platinum (Includes Super Smash Brothers Melee) c





  • GameCube specs – * 485MHz processor makes loading & starting the games faster than ever — no more long load times * Processor creates 6 to 12 million ploygons per second — no more slowdowns in the middle of the game * External bandwidth of 3.2GB/sec, for really fast gameplay * It also includes 64 Sound Channels — you’ll feel like you’re in the game, with the top-quality Audio * 40MB of onboard Memory means bigger game worlds, bigger enemies, and bigger battles can be stored
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee – * Super Smash Brothers Melee is a great fighting game where you put your favorite Nintendo characters against each other, to find out who’s the toughest of them all! * Features a whole new set of characters, and some hidden ones for you to unlock * Create your own matches in the new Tournament Mode * Buy trophies of classic Nintendo characters such as Pit & Mach Rider * New AI and smoother animation makes for a better game


This amazing GameCube Super Smash Brothers Melee Bundle is a great gaming system bundled with a great game that stars all the classic Nintendo characters.