GAGA MILANO Chrono Sports 45MM 7010.03


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Brand: GaGa MILANO


  • Band material: silicon rubber allergy free
  • Water-resistant: 100M waterproof
  • Case: Rubber & Stainless Steel Case
  • Accessories: Dedicated BOX · warranty
  • [This product, sukiyaki shop will deliver]

Details: The GAGA, “is committed to the detail on their own values, man = dandy posing itself with its own ruler” in the Milanese unique wording is the Italian word meaning. Based on this spirit, we were born as a watch brand GAGA MILANO in the city of Milan in 2004. Sophisticated items plus a Milanese playful in Italian design, it is no exaggeration to say that now most momentum brands. Unique and original case feel the beauty of immutable, there is impact, crown design index that combines also good visibility, usability was considered. All have been calculated, special watch that commitment pulled the design in all, it is the GAGA MILANO. 2013 is a Swiss-made GAGA MILANO became published in the year. As it is traditional design, and has been produced in Switzerland, which is said to be of watchmaking highest peak. A stylish Italian design and high-quality Swiss Made fused, it is newly reborn GAGA MILANO.