Forza Horizon Limited Edition -Xbox 360


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Author: Microsoft Corporation

Brand: Microsoft

Edition: Limited


  • Five-car Launch Day Add-on Pack
  • Five Exclusive “Forza Horizon” Limited Collector Edition Car Pack liveries
  • “Forza Horizon” Accelerator Token Pack

Details: Product Description CONTAINS CUSTOM STEELBOOK WITH GAME DISC, HORIZON FESTIVAL TICKET FOR XBOX LIVE CONTENT. From the Manufacturer Become an Instant VIP with the Limited Collector’s Edition“Forza Horizon” Limited Collector’s Edition includes a “Forza Horizon” branded Steelbook containing the game disc and a “Forza Horizon” Festival Ticket that grants access to a valuable assortment of exclusive in-game content, including VIP Membership for “Forza Horizon.”VIP Membership opens up a new level of exciting content for “Forza Horizon” players, including an exclusive five-car VIP Pack available at launch (more details to be shared soon), special recognition in the Forza community and exclusive access to VIP-only in-game events.The “Forza Horizon” Festival Ticket also unlocks additional digital content for “Forza Horizon,” accessible through Xbox LIVE, including:• Five-car Launch Day Add-on Pack (more details to be shared soon) • Five Exclusive “Forza Horizon” Limited Collector Edition Car Pack liveries • “Forza Horizon” Accelerator Token Pack** VIP Detail: In addition, “Forza Horizon” VIP members will receive the following benefits: • Five Car VIP Pack (2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder, 2011 Koenigsegg Agera, 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, 2012 Pagani Huayra, 2011 RUF Rt 12 R) • Special recognition in the community as a VIP member with VIP icon affixed to their Gamertag in “Forza Horizon” • VIP Rivals Mode Events: VIP members will have access to exclusive Rivals Mode events in “Forza Horizon” • Exclusive in-game gifts from the Forza Motorsport community team • Expanded Storefront: VIP members receive extra slots for things like photos, liveries, videos, etc. • Expanded MyForza Gallery Space: VIP’s can store an additional two videos and/or Big Shot images in their MyForza Gallery on“Forza Horizon” Limited Collector’s Edition is Instant VIP: You can get your VIP membership by purchasing the Limited Collector’s Edition of “Forza Horizon,” available starting on Oct. 23. “Forza Horizon” Limited Collector’s Edition owners will also receive these benefits:• Custom-designed Steelbook packaging • Horizon Festival ticket to access exclusive Xbox LIVE content • Day 1 Add-on Pack with five cars (more details to come soon) • Horizon Accelerator Token Pack • Five exclusive LCE Car Pack liveries (more details to come soon) * “Forza Horizon” game and Xbox LIVE account required to activate. ** “Forza Horizon” Accelerator tokens will allow you to speed up your career with instant access to exotic cars, in-game popularity spikes, fast passes and instant map unlocks.

UPC: 885370429633