Foldable Luminous Painting Board LED Portable Adjustable Handwriting Board Electronic Fluorescent Board Advertising Display Board Suitable for Supermarket/Office/Cafe


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Brand: Blackboard


  • With a bracket design, the product can be adjusted in height freely, and with a foldable design, it is easy to carry, suitable for offices, coffee shops and other places.
  • Built-in LED lights can emit different colors of light, and with a highlighter design, make your paintings look better.
  • Using a toughened glass panel, writing smoothly, easy to wipe, and with a corner protection design, the product has a long service life.
  • The rechargeable design is more convenient to use, and it has a non-slip foot pad design. In addition, the product can not only be placed on the floor, but also hung on the wall.
  • The product consists of fluorescent board, aluminum alloy bracket, highlighter, controller, power cord, remote control, towel and other accessories.