FNCUR Fashion Business Watch Couple Table Set Diamonds English Table Steel Belt Large Dial Men’s Watch Waterproof Watch (Color : Black)


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Brand: FNCUR

Color: Black


  • – Men’s mechanical watch: self-winding movement. The daily operation date of the arm is clearly displayed in the small window. On the dial, you can easily get your calendar.
  • – Strap: The strap is made from carefully selected stainless steel and advanced technology to make it more comfortable.
  • – Designed for the pursuit of fashion and luxury for men’s luxury brands, this watch is uniquely designed to meet the needs of formal occasions and casual occasions. This is a watch and you are very proud. Beautiful gift box packaging is also the best gift for friends!
  • – Waterproof: 5ATM waterproof, built-in waterproof accessories, equipped with high-precision sealed waterproof ring to prevent hot air and water molecules from entering the watch. To protect the life of your watch, do not wear hot water or swim.
  • – FNCUR adheres to 100% guaranteed quality, best customer service: If there is any problem with the product, please contact us. We will provide free refunds and redemptions.