Enkloze X1 Weight Watcher Suitcase Zipperless Self Weighing Carbon Black / Rose Gold TSA Approved 100% PC Carbon (28″)


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Brand: Enkloze

Color: Carbon Black


  • Superior Durability: Made from 100% Polycarbonate with Aluminum Frame this suitcase will handle all airline check in restrictions
  • Unique Functionality: Self Weighing Functionality enables you to know the weight of the luggage when packed. Utilizing a small watch battery for years of use. Removable if necessary.
  • Secure Zipperless Access: The Weight Watcher is zipperless, utilizing dual key locked TSA Approved locks for secure closure (keys provided)
  • Stylish Spinner Mobility: Set on (8) Ultra Quiet Hinomoto (Japan) Wheels and Shock Absorbers for any terrain
  • Maximum Comfort: The weight watcher suitcase utilizes a strong aluminum Multi Stage Height Adjustable Pull Rod for Extra Bag Support Overall Dimension: 29.9 x 20.0 x 11.4 (Inches), Weight: 11.8 lbs Capacity: 92 Liters

Details: Don’t like paying over-weight charges? So do we. Introducing the ENKLOZE X1 Weight Watcher Suitcase, featuring self-weighing functionality. Never go to the airport not knowing if you have packed too much; with the ENKLOZE X1 Weight Watcher Suitcase you will know exactly how much your luggage weighs before and after you leave the airport. Equipped with a built-in digital scale, which shows the gross weight when the suitcase is stood up, Dual Key TSA locks, 8X8 Hinomoto Grease Caster wheels with Shock Absorbers, interior space dividers ,and auto folding handles, you will never have to sweat it out at the airport again.

UPC: 688959854716