Enkloze Blade X Aluminum Suitcase – 4 Wheel Spinner 100% Aluminum TSA Approved (Medium – 25″, Silver)


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Brand: Enkloze

Color: Silver


  • Durability – 100% Aluminum Made with a One Piece Mold Design + 5 Year Warranty
  • Functionality – Interior Space Dividers, X-bands, and pockets
  • Security – Dual TSA Approved Combo Locks (Keyless and Zipperless)
  • Style – Ultra Quiet Hinomoto (Japan) Wheels Spinner
  • Thick Aluminum Three Stage Height Adjustable Pull Rod for Extra Bag Support

Details: Turn heads at the airport with the new ENKLOZE Blade X Aluminum Suitcase and Carry On, made of 100% Aluminum alloy from a one piece mold for strength and durability. Combined with eight (8) ultra quiet dual caster Hinomoto wheels for 360 degree mobility, interior dividers, automatic folding handles, and dual TSA combination locks, simplicity, security, and durability never looked better.

UPC: 765407257388