Eberlestock Terminator Pack


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Brand: Eberlestock

Color: Coyote Brown


  • Include multiple exterior pockets, a removable LP1 Fanny-Top go bag, and the Intex II tubular aluminum frame.
  • Material: 500D waterproof nylon / water resistant construction
  • Color: Coyote Brown
  • Pack Specs: Total Volume: 4,100 c.i. | Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz | Dimensions main bag: 23″h x 12″w x 10″d
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Military Ruck | Bug Out

Details: The F4M Terminator is an extremely versatile full-format load bearing pack. It is an excellent all-around rucksack, is easy to live out of, and is a great load hauler. It’s optimized for the scout/sniper mission, with a unique articulating rear interior wall that allows a weapon carrier to be inserted and carried near the wearer’s back. When not carrying a weapon, the wall is pressed against the frame to maximize conventional interior load space. Eberlestock side scabbards and weapons carriers can be attached inside the weapon sleeve, to tailor quick-access weapon carriage to match your gun. A tailored rain cover is included and is stored in a zippered bottom pocket.

UPC: 812028011094