E E·O·N GCHD Mk-II | Gamecube HD Adapter (Jet Black)


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Brand: E E·O·N

Color: Black


  • Plug and Play
  • Digital Out
  • Component Video out
  • Aux/MiniTOSLINK audio out
  • Custom Firmware

Details: The GCHD Mk-II is the next evolution for GCN Video. The GCHD Mk-II is a plug and play adapter for the GCN that expands its video and audio options. Features include Digital out, Wii Component/SCRAT out, 3.5mm Aux/MiniTOSLINK out, updated and custom firmware, and redesigned plugs. Be sure your console has the AV and Digital AV ports and be sure you TV is compatible with 480p resolutions.

UPC: 703556738624