Drakengard 2 – PlayStation 2


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Author: Artist Not Provided

Brand: Ubisoft

Edition: Standard


  • Lay waste to entire armies in the ferocious ground battles, or engage in intense aerial combat as you fly freely through the game world on the back of the dragon
  • Change freely between four playable characters with specific weapons and abilities
  • Gathering information plays a key role, as a way to upgrade characters, weapons and items
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay, with epic struggles spread across 90 missions as you crush enemies with over 60 unique weapons
  • Exciting new combo system and enhanced ground battle system, for wilder and more intense battles

Details: Drakengard 2 takes place 18 years since the world-shattering events of the original game. The Union has once again appeared, in the guise of a group known as the Knights of the Seal. It appears that the world has found peace, but it is a deceptive peace. Behind the scenes, thousands of powerless people are trampled in the name of the Seal. Join a young hero named Nowe as he bonds with his dragon and faces a threat that can destroy the world! The bond with the dragon, the loyalty of friends and the love of those who need protection all come together in a gripping tale

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