Dragon Warrior VII – PlayStation


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  • Best Selling Japanese Playstation game title of all time.

Details: Amazon.com An fantasy adventure game of epic proportions, Dragon Warrior VII follows the adventures of the hero, his mischievous friend Prince Kiefer, and the feisty Maribel. The trio learns that the peace and tranquility of their island home is soon to be disrupted. Solving time-traveling puzzles transports them back in time, where they discover lost continents. Once in the past, they must solve the mysteries of the continents in order to save the future. If they accomplish this task, the world will be complete; if they fail, the lost lands and their inhabitants will be forever doomed. Dragon Warrior VII features 3-D rendered backgrounds and fluid combat animation, as well as depth of story and character true to this beloved series. Product description The popular and influential Dragon Warrior/Quest series finally returned to North America with this chapter for the PSX.

UPC: 695981100094