Dragon Warrior III – Nintendo NES


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Brand: Enix America Corp.

Edition: Standard

Details: Dragon Warrior III features a class system. At the start of the game, the player begins as a single hero, male or female.[4] After the quest begins, the player can eventually build up a team of diversified party members through the local tavern in Aliahan. This team can be made up of Wizards, Pilgrims, Goof-offs, Fighters, Soldiers, Merchants, and Thieves (only in the remakes) in either male or female form.[4] The Hero cannot change classes, but all other characters can change classes at Dharma once they have reached experience Level 20, and can change classes any number of times. A character who changes classes has their stats halved and restarts at experience Level 1, retaining their spells and, in the remakes, their personality. This allows a player to create a character that knows Wizard spells, but has the defense of a Soldier

UPC: 719631000029