Dime Bags Omerta Cleaner | Large Smell Proof Duffle Bag | Lockable Odor Proof Zippered Carbon Filter Bag, Black


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Color: Black


  • CARON FILTER NO SMELL TECHNOLOGY – 100% carbon filter lining keeps revealing odors securely sealed inside the pouch for discreet transportation and storage.
  • SOFT PADDED INTERIOR – This bags soft padded interior is designed to keep glass and other fragile items safe. It’s padded lining keeps your items undamaged and protected while you’re on-the-go.
  • HEAVY DUTY SECURITY & PROTECTION – The Cleaner or what we like to call it “the 10-pound bag” has our revolutionary locking system, making no two bags keyed alike. Coupled with our dual-layered zippers and treated 100% smell-proof carbon lining, keep contaminants and damage off your items inside, or trap contaminated items inside for discreet transportation. Lock not included.
  • 100% SMELL PROOF, CARBON FILTERED TECHNOLOGY – There is no secret here this is the greatest bag on the market and 100% smell proof. Using carbon filtered technology and heavy duty lockable zipper, this bag traps odors in, and keeps everyone else out.
  • BRAND NEW DESIGN – We made the Omerta line even better! A new and improved, sleek design, the Omerta Cleaner features a new blacked out zipper, more durable strap loops, and improved interior organization. We think you’re going to like it!


Your secret is safe with us – The Ultimate 100% Smell Proof Pouch

The Omerta smell proof pouch is 100% carbon lined to keep any revealing odors trapped inside. With dual zippers, feel confident your goodies are securely zipped up and concealed from others! You can lock the secondary interior zipper with any TSA approved lock (not included).

Inconspicuously designed with the black on black look, this pouch features a fully removable Velcro patch. Highly durable outer material resists wear, tear, and is also water resistant, this pouch is ideal for adventurists on the go.

Pouch Features

– Durable water resistant Exterior

– Padded smell proof Interior

– Removable Velcro Label

– 100% Active Carbon Lined

– Dual Zippers

– Smell proof

– Small carrying loop

– Comes in 4 Sizes 5, 7, 8 and 10 inches

How does activated (or treated) carbon work? Activated carbon particles are modified to absorb specific odor molecules. When the odor molecules come into contact with the treated carbon, they are trapped within the pores of the carbon until the product is reactivated. To reactivate your Omerta pouch, cycle it in a dryer, on low, for 10 minutes.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

UPC: 811926022966