Complete Miner System is Suitable for Ethereum Mining. BTC-X79-5 Mining Machine Motherboard 5GPU Includes CPU, SSD, RAM, PSU, Supports 3060GPU Frame Mining rig(with Power Supply)


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  • The BTC-X79-5 card has been specially optimized for the 3060 LHR v1. The single-card computing power exceeds 48MH/s, and it perfectly supports 4G memory cards, greatly improving the computing power mining function.
  • The BTC-X79-5 card adopts a silent design. When the miner is running, the noise is around 55 decibels. Great for home use.
  • This is a complete mining system. It includes: CPU+memory 4G DDR3+MSATA 128G+1800W power supply (silent)+3 fans (silent)+5 spoofer deceptor+5 screw packs, only need to prepare graphics card, monitor, keyboard, mouse to run
  • BTC X79 mining machine adopts H61 chip, single-channel 2011 socket CPU; design 5 Pcie3.0X8 interfaces, 60mm large spacing card slot
  • The X79 frame miner uses a 128GB SSD (not activated) and a 16GB USB with Hiveos pre-installed. You can modify it to RaveOS, PiMP OS and other operating systems or other Linux OS systems.
  • Note: If you encounter problems during use, you can contact us, and we will solve your problems in time.

UPC: 753124606060