Classic Ergo 2 – White


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Brand: FinalMouse

Details: The Classic Ergo 2 boasts the new industry leading pmw3360 esports sensor by Pixart. With a higher framerate, integrated illumination, and enhanced tracking ability, the 3360 is the pinnacle in sensor technology. This means raw, snappy, 1:1 tracking that is trusted by Pro’s as being the best in the world. The Classic Ergo 2 also maintains familiar MCU and firmware algorithims from the original classic ergo to retain that perfect feel that made the Classic a favorite amongst the most serious pro aimers. There is a reason people still use the original ergo even with its outdated sensor, so we wanted to make sure we not only brought in a better sensor but also maintained the Classic’s recipe for great feeling sensor implementation. Part of that means: zero acceleration / zero prediction or no angle snapping/ high tracking speeds (6m/s+) / perfect lod / and optimized SROM.

UPC: 865848000335