Chulip – PlayStation 2


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Brand: Crave Entertainment

Edition: Standard


  • Earn the trust of the locals — you’re a boy from the big city and you’ll have to prove yourself before they like you
  • Do a string of good deeds and show off what you can do, as you try to catch her eye
  • Think strategically — make sure you’ve won her over before kissing her, or you’ll get a painful rejection

Details: Chulip is one of the most unique RPG games ever! Your character, a 12-year-old boy, and your penniless father have moved into a town famous in ancient legends; if a couple kisses under a certain old tree, they will be destined to live happily ever after. Shortly after you move in, you notice the girl of your dreams…unfortunately she wants nothing to do with you! The problem? If you try to kiss someone who doesn’t want to kiss you, your heart meter will fail; once it is empty you’re DEAD and the game is over. You can refill your meter in a variety of ways; eating food, kissing characters, etc. In order to kiss characters, you have to solve a variety of puzzles to get to know them better. Chulip is full of hilarious humor and odd, lovable characters. It promises hours of quirky, unique fun!

UPC: 719593080060