CH Products Flight Sim Yoke and Pedals Beginner Bundle [video game]


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Brand: CH Products


  • Affordable collection of computer flight simulator hardware

Details: If computer flight simulating is worth doing, it’s worth doing at a level that actually simulates flight. To bring flight simmers hardware that will do them justice, we’ve assembled this cost-saving bundle of top-notch products from the industry’s most respected companies. This value-priced collection includes CH Products’ 3-Lever USB Flight Sim Yoke featuring numerous multifunctional buttons and integral throttle/prop/mixture levers; as well as its self-centering Pro Pedals with 3 axes of control (X, Y, and Z) – plus toe brakes – for hands-on, realistic roll, pitch, and yaw control as well as engine/propeller management just like what you’d experience in a real airplane. For a limited time, we’re offering this bundle at an even greater savings! A high-caliber, affordable collection that will do any computer flight enthusiast proud.