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We’re back in an all-new movie, eh? Beauty. And not just us moose, but the large bear (that’s Kenai) and his little brother bear (that’s Koda) and also this new girl named Nita. She’s a handful, eh? Nita knew Large Bear way back when he wasn’t a bear. That was in the first movie, remember? Anyway, they thought they were gonna be together forever even though they get along like two angry beavers in a mud hut. Okay, so now the Great Spirits say they have to go on a great big, exciting journey to break the pact. So don’t trample off. Join me and my brother — oh, and there’s a couple fetching moosettes in this story too — for all sorts of laughs and wild adventure. (See what I did. I used the word “wild” ’cause we’re out in the woods.) Beauty. It’s gonna be tons of fun for the whole family, eh?

The bonds of true friendship and love are powerful enough to persist through even the most extreme circumstances, but can even the strongest bond endure when a young man and a young woman are split apart by the spirits? Since being turned into a bear as punishment for his insensitivity in
Brother Bear, Kenai has managed to find true happiness and a compelling sense of purpose in his new relationship with his adopted brother Koda. But when Kenai’s old friend Nita prepares for her wedding day with another man, the spirits send a sign indicating that a strong connection still exists between Kenai and Nita. The tribe Shaman suggests that the two join forces in a ritual to sever the bond between them and Nita, newly endowed with the ability to communicate with animals, seeks out Kenai in the woods. Even as the two friends resolutely journey to break the connection between them, the inescapable bond between them strengthens and threatens to disrupt not only Nita’s upcoming marriage, but the special relationship between Kenai and Koda. In the end, destiny may require that each of the three choose between his or her happiness and the happiness of the other two. Like its predecessor
Brother Bear,
Brother Bear 2 features lush animation; a nice blend of action, suspense, and comedy; and a powerful message. (Ages 3 – 12)
–Tami Horiuchi


“A must see Family Film that will Warm Your Heart.” —
Ann Holmes, CBS TV

“A must see family film that will warm your heart.” —
Ann Holmes, CBS TV

“All the Disney magic returns in ‘Brother Bear 2′” —
Sandie Newton, CBS TV, Dallas/Fort Worth

“All the Disney magic returns in ‘BROTHER BEAR 2’” —
Sandie Newton, CBS TV, Dallas/Fort Worth

“Better than the original!” —
Chuck Thomas, WB TV

“Even better than the original!” —
Clay Smith, The Insider

“Sure to become another Disney classic.” —
Bryan Erdy, NBC TV

UPC: 786936278231