BMDHA 3D Dynamic Sand Art Liquid Motion, 10/12/16/24 Inch Optional Flowing Sand Painting Can Be Wall-Mounted Moving ​Sand Art, 360° Parallel Rotation for Family



Brand: BMDHA

Color: Ink Landscape


  • ✔ Exquisite design: The dynamic sand painting is a charming work of dynamic art. Rotate the glass and enjoy the scene where sand turns into clouds and landscapes, oceans and mountains with complex lines and patterns.
  • ✔ Principle of creation: The quicksand painting is an air barrier that separates the sand from the water. The sand flows between the bubbles to form dunes, mountains and valleys. The slower sand flow causes the finer sand flow to form more dramatic peaks and valleys. The faster sand flow forms the shape of a sand dune.
  • ✔ This sand painting can be rotated 360°. Whenever it rotates, the sand begins to move, slowly forming deserts, oceans, mountains, etc. Like waterfalls and flying sand, it is pleasing to the eye. It feels very calm and relaxed. It can relieve stress, relax eyes, and cultivate patience. Give you unexpected surprises.
  • ✔Easy size and installation: 4 sizes are available, 10 inch / 12 inch / 16 inch / 24 inch, each quicksand painting is equipped with installation accessories. The installation method is very simple and can be easily operated by one person.
  • ✔ Multi-purpose: Sand painting pictures will bring calm, natural and wonderful feelings to your office and home. Watching them create new works every time they turn around, it makes people feel comfortable and interesting. Sand painting is especially suitable as a good gift for holidays, birthdays, celebrations and families.