BC-160 8GB Graphic Card, Hashrate 70M PCIe Express 3.08 Consumption 125W Video Card for Computer RTX3060 3070


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Brand: Reletech


  • The CB-160 graphics card is factory shipment without color boxes. Our company will carry out safe packaging, and all our products would be strictly tested Before we are delivered to you. you can buy with confidence.
  • The CB-160 Video Card High standard safety protection design, including discharger, overload, short-circuit, lightning protection function.
  • For the CB-160, we recommend using a motherboard with PCI-E distance of 70mm or more than 70mm, so that the heat dissipation effect will be better and the mining efficiency will be higher.
  • The BC-160 graphics card supports only Linux operating systems, but not Windows operating systems. CB-160 graphics card and genuine guarantee.
  • High-quality after-sales service, one-year warranty

UPC: 786833429613