ASRock Radeon RX 6900 XT Phantom Gaming D OC Graphics Card 16GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 AMD RDNA2 Triple Fan Polychrome SYNC 3X DisplayPort 1.4a DSC 1x HDMI 2.1VRR w/ Mytrix HDMI 2.1 Cable(4k@120Hz/8K@60Hz)


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  • 【Striped Axial Fan】Designed For Enhanced Airflow. ASRock’s custom Striped Axial Fan delivers enhanced airflow to optimize cooling from not only the stripe structure on each fan blade but also the polishing surface on the bottom side.
  • 【Ultra-fit Heat Pipe】Consolidated to Maximize the Contact. The heatpipes are consolidated to maximize the contact among each other and also the GPU baseplate for the optimized heat dissipation.
  • 【Premium Thermal Pad】Better Heat Transfer. The premium thermal pad helps to transfer the heat of the components to the heatsink, improving heat dissipation.
  • 【0dB Silent Cooling】Spin For Cooling, Stop For Silence. The fan spins when the temperature goes high for the optimal cooling, and stops when the temperature goes low for the complete silence.
  • 【Polychrome SYNC】Create your own unique colorful light effects. With the integrated ARGB LEDs, you can create your own unique colorful light effects which can also be switched on and off. It can also be synchronized with your ASRock motherboards that support Polychrome SYNC.

Details: Graphics EngineAMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT GraphicsBus StandardPCI® Express 4.0 x16DirectX12 UltimateOpenGL4.6MemoryGDDR6 16GBEngine ClockBoost Clock: Up to 2340 MHzGame Clock: Up to 2105 MHzBase Clock: 1925 MHzStream Processors5120Compute Units80Memory Clock16 GbpsMemory Interface256-bitResolutionDigital Max Resolution: 7680 x 4320Interface1 x HDMI™ 2.1 VRR3 x DisplayPort™ 1.4 with DSCHDCPYesMulti-view4Recommended PSU900WPower Connector3 x 8-pinAccessories1 x Quick Installation GuideDimensions330 x 140 x 56 mm, 2.8-slotNet Weight1784 g

UPC: 730143312837