Artificial Intelligence car acce Pack,JetBot Upgraded Racing car,Autonomous Driving,JetRacer AI Kit Acce,Without Jetson Nano


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  • AI racing robot, easy to play deep learning, autonomous driving, machine vision recognition
  • JetRacer AI Kit supports DonkeyCar open source project.
  • Highly integrated JetRacer expansion board. Chargeable. Battery voltage detection. No messy wiring. No tedious assembly required.
  • Multiple control methods. Wireless gamepad control. PC segment web control. Mobile web control.
  • Free map race track. Makes it easier for you to use the AI self-driving car.

Details: JetRacer AI Kit. AI racing robot acce pack. Based on Jetson Nano design. Deep learning.Self driving.Visual road following
Package Content

Note:This product requires three 18650 batteries to work, which are NOT included and should be purchased separately

JetRacer metal kit 6PCS

EVA felt pad 2PCS

3D-printed motor lid

JetRacer expansion board

IMX219-160 Camera


Acrylic piece

Servo mount

Metal Gearmotor 2PCS

Tire 4PCS

Coupler 2PCS

MG996R servo

MG996R servo wheel

Steering knuckle 2PCS

Ball bearing 4PCS

M3 plastic ball joint 4PCS

M3 pull bar 2PCS

12.6V battery charger + EU head

Wireless gamepad

6Pin cable

Spanner 2PCS

Screwdriver 2PCS

Mini cross wrench sleeve

4010 cooling fan

Micro SD card reader

Screws pack

Track map

UPC: 602860862738