Artec Making Mega Man: Code Legend


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Brand: Artec


  • Make your original motion-controlled Mega Man game!
  • Unique and exciting experience for every Mega Man fan!
  • Making Mega Man delivers a beginner-friendly guidebook and the ArtecRobo 2.0 robotics platform, steeped in the sights and sounds of the beloved series.
  • Use the original Mega Man assets, from character sprites and stages to the iconic Mega Buster sound effect and infamous Air Man boss music!
  • Eight stages of programming fun! Clear each stage as you level up your programming skills!

Details: Making Mega Man: Recreate the legend of Mega Man yourself! Equip your Mega Buster and get programming! The legendary Mega Man series is now a motion game officially licensed by CAPCOM! The Making Mega Man Programming Kit is a brand new experience, taking you from the programming basics to developing real games as you make a motion-controlled version of Mega Man! Comprehensive booklets included! – learn how to make your original Mega Man game step-by-step. ① Each chapter focuses on a single action, from running to jumping to sliding to shooting! ② With every chapter, you’ll find yourself more in control of Mega Man, so you can really feel the progress you’re making! ③ You’ll come away learning not only how to make the program but exactly how it works! With 20 hours of content, you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge about programming games in general and how motion controls work! The booklets also detail the elements of game design, leaving you ready to make games of your own once you’re done!