Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.


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Alien bugs have swarmed to earth with a nasty, single-minded goal: breed, kill, breed, kill, then breed some more until the world has been fully colonized. Ick. Enter the few, the proud, the Armorines, an elite military team with high-tech weapons, tons of armor, and a revulsion for otherworldly pests.
This 3-D first-person shooter pits players against swarm after swarm of extraterrestrial bugs, each exhibiting smart artificial intelligence (AI) and clever group attacks. Killing the swarms requires tackling pest control missions in a variety of locations around the globe, including Siberia, a South American jungle, and the Egyptian desert.
The adventure mode offers five stages with four missions each. In-air raids require players to clear the land of as many bugs as possible before waging a head-to-head ground assault. Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. offers plenty of multiplayer options. A cooperative mode allows two players to tackle the job together, and up to four players can compete in death match-style squishes… er, skirmishes. –Eric Twelker


Acclaim Studios London must have noticed that MicroProse had neglected to properly exploit its license for last year’s giant bug-filled sci-fi film Starship Troopers for the console systems, because the inspiration behind its latest game for the Nintendo 64 is crystal clear. Though the name of the game comes from a little-known Acclaim Comics property where a military unit possesses futuristic suits of armor along the lines of Marvel Comics’ Iron Man, the alien race that the group clashes with in Armorines is totally dissimilar to the one found in the comic book. However, the alien race bears more than a passing resemblance to the swarm of creatures found in Paul Verhoeven’s recent cinematic ode to fascism. Enough back story. Armorines is a first-person shooter in which you have two characters to choose from, one who is slow but powerful and another who moves and fires more quickly but isn’t quite as sturdy. This choice of characters is the game’s main innovation over Acclaim’s Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the game whose engine powers Armorines, which comes up very short in comparison. In fact, Armorines is, in many ways, all the things you didn’t like about Turok 2 and little of what you did like. The inventive weapons, well-designed monsters, and challenging enemy AI found in Turok 2 are all missing here, and the only scripted events you’ll come across are an onrush of monsters after you’ve opened a door or have acquired an item. Remember the big levels in Turok 2, where you had to backtrack for half an hour just to find a key or kidnapped child? Do you recall how your enemies disappeared after they died so you didn’t have a clear indication if you’d been in that area before? Both of those elements are well represented in Armorines, with a dash of unclear explanation of mission objectives tossed in for good measure. For example, in one of the jungle missions, you’re charged with destroying 34 alien eggs before they hatch. Expect to run around the level for quite awhile, looking for the last batch of eggs, all the while wondering how many you have remaining because the only indication of your progress is an open checkbox on your mission list (indicating you haven’t found them all and, likewise, completed the mission). “What do I do now?” and “Which way am I supposed to go?” are questions that come up far too often in this game. Armorines supports the Expansion Pak, which bumps up its graphics to high resolution without affecting the frame rate aversely. Unfortunately, the environments are very sparse and bland and appear much more like those found in the original Turok game than in its more impressive sequel. And while fog is not always present, draw-in appears quite often. Besides the in-game visuals, the game’s presentation and interface are extremely lackluster and add to the impression that the title was rushed out the door for a holiday release. T

UPC: 021481641889