Anfudeer Ozone Sterilizer Bag Unisex Gym Bag Handle Crossbody Bag Canvas Travel Bag (Black)


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Brand: Fudee

Color: Black


  • 1.360┬░sterilization without blind corner
  • 2. ove 99% sterilization efficiency.
  • 3.large capacity, on-to-go sterilization.
  • 4. separate storage pockets, suitable for different items,waterproof gym bag with shoe compartment
  • and environment-friendly material, waterproof

Details: Unisex Gym Bag Ozone Sterilizer Canvas Bag Handle Crossbody Bag Canvas Travel Bag it can be used as a diaper bag, gym bag and travel bag. The product adopts the principle of ozone sterilization, adopts a safety magnetic switch, turns on the power, presses the power start button, and the disinfection is completed after 5 minutes,need to prepare a portable storage battery to easily sterilize  Large capacity storage function with shoe compartment Size: 38cmx23cmx 33cm

UPC: 046432616563