AMD FirePro S9170 Graphics Card (100-505982)


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Brand: AMD


  • 5.24 TFLOPS of peak single precision
  • 2.62 TFLOPS of peak double precision
  • Full throughput double precision
  • Error correcting code (ECC) Memory
  • OpenCL 2.0 support

Details: Accelerate your complex workloads in scientific computing, data analytics, or seismic processing, and witness the power of 32 GB server GPU, the AMD Fire Pro S9170. Stay ahead of the curve by taking advantage of OpenGL 2.0, the open programming standard for general-purpose computations on heterogeneous systems. The AMD Fire Pro S9170 is equipped with enhanced memory. Packing up to 2.62 tflops of peak double precision and 9.53 gflops/w double precision performance, supercomputers that are equipped with Fire Pro S9170 GPU can achieve massive compute performance while optimizing available power budgets.

UPC: 742832692984