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Amber Necklace* * Worldwide shipping We will ship your item within 4 days of receiving payment . For this product you can see other varieties from my store. This product is shipping from Turkey in 3 days Shipping time (handling time) delivery time 4-7 days to USA and Worldwide Characteristics and Properties. Amber has a couple of properties and characteristics that are unique to this gemstone. One of these features is that this natural resin contains acid known as Succinic. Succinic Acid is responsible for a couple of different processes in the body and it quite commonly used for pain relief and Arthritis. Baltic Amber is one of the best sources of this acid naturally and it might contain from 3% to 8 % of Succinic Acid by weight. Another interesting fact is that you would need a temperature of about 300 Celsius degrees in order to melt Amber and to make it softer 150 degrees temperature would be enough. The other quite interesting feature of Amber is that it is able to float in water, which is salty. This happens mainly because it is relatively light in weight. It is weight is only about 1/3 of a stone. Due to this gemstone ability to float in salty water many people do Saltwater test, which helps to determine if it is real or fake amber. The other quite unique feature of Amber is that it has the ability to attract tiny pieces of paper when it is rubbed against natural cloth. This happens mainly because Amber electrifies negatively, which also provides some explanation as to why this natural resin might have medical benefits.

UPC: 700343189270