Alundra – PlayStation


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Brand: Working Designs

Edition: Standard


  • Exciting, somewhat demented RPG
  • Control other characters’ dreams
  • Includes action, puzzles, and roleplaying
  • Lengthy storyline
  • For one player

Details: From the Manufacturer

Between the worlds of light and dark lies the world of dreams… A world where the rule of reason loosens its grip… A place where an insidious evil is stealing minds and blackening the hearts of those from the world of light.
Grab a weapon and become the dreamwalker Alundra as he struggles to purge the evil Id of an ancient world before it falls to ash.
Explore dungeons, find weapons, solve challenging puzzles, and kick some serious monster butt as you weave between tense reality and nightmarish dreams to save the hapless masses.
With a wide cast of characters and scores of challenging puzzles created by the people responsible for Landstalker on the Genesis, Alundra will rob you of precious sleep until you finish!

UPC: 735366005535