AKONA Less Than 10LBS Travel Roller Bag


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Brand: AKONA

Color: Akona


  • Large lightweight yet durable Rolling Travel Bag. Weighs less than 10 lbs. Gives you 40 lbs of equipment to pack without exceeding baggage requirements.
  • MATERIAL: Lightweight 420d nylon and 600d polyester.
  • Holds a ull set of warm water or cold water gear. Warm Water gear gives you a little more space to back other needed gear or clothes.
  • Two Side Pockets: Pocket 1 is large and deep to allow most fins to be packed into. Pocket two is large a shallow for travel docs and other accessories.
  • The > 10 lbs. Roller Bag is made by AKONA, an American Sporting Goods Brand, specializing in Watersports since 1992.

Details: The < 10 lbs Roller is specifically designed for the traveling diver.
This roller is the Carry-On version of the 10 lbs counterpart.
The multiple pockets allow for organized packing.
The #5 Coil Zippers are smooth, easy, and convenient.

UPC: 617209416251