8GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Frame : Crypto Miner Equipment Case Complete Cryptocurrency Machine with 857s Motherboard/8 Cooling Fans/SSD/RAM/CPU/2400W PSU,Pre-Installed Hive OS System (Without GPU)


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  • [Pre-installed Hive OS System] The 8GPU miner has pre-installed the Hive OS system for you (it is not activated, so when you start it for the first time, you need to enter the server address, miner ID and miner password to use it). The miner package includes chassis, 857s motherboard, Intel CPU (with CPU radiator), 128GB SSD, 4GRAM, 8 cooling fans, Gigabit RJ45 interface RTL8111E, screw package, 2400W power supply.
  • [8GPU Mining Motherboard & 70MM Slot Spacing] The cryptocurrency mining equipment comes with 8 GPU ports, and 8 GPUs can be installed on the motherboard at the same time. The gap between the 8 GPU ports is 70mm, please leave 5mm space for the gpu to ensure heat dissipation. Please use a GPU with a length less than 33cm. The miner chassis has 5 USB external ports and 1 HDMI port, which is enough for daily mining.
  • [8 Cooling Fans] The Ethereum mining machine is equipped with 8*12038mm fans, four fans at the front and back form convection wind, which is an excellent cooling system. The speed of the fan can be adjusted according to the heat dissipation, the speed range is 2500-4500rpm. Please note: the faster the fan speed, the louder the noise.
  • [2400W Professional Power Supply] This PSU has three built-in cooling fans, which can form convection air and further improve the heat dissipation performance. It comes with 8x(6+2)*2pin+2×6*3pin cables, no additional graphics card cables are required. We have provided a picture description of the wiring method, please refer to the picture when wiring and calculate the total power of the graphics card you are using. If it exceeds 2400W, you need to replace the power supply with a higher power.
  • [Graphics Card Recommendation] We tested the miner with various GPUs to make sure that the right graphics card is recommended for you. Applicable graphics cards are—AMD: 30HX/40HX/1066/1070/1070ti/1080/2060/2060S/2070/2070S/2080/2080S/P104/P106/P102/1660S/1660TI.. NVIDIA: 478/578/588/598/5500XT/5600XT/5700XT/6600/6600xt/6800/6800XT…. If your graphics card is 3060/3060ti, we recommend you to use x79 motherboard 9GPU miner, so you can get ideal hashrate, 9GPU miner ASIN: B09MVH1SVQ.