3ds Tomodachi Collection New Life Pack Console System (Japan)


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Brand: Nintendo

Details: (Friend Collection Download version is stored . ) Touch pen , Quick Start guide , body , instruction manual , 6 AR cards , I guarantee that you can enjoy the game in 3D image only 4GB1 1 memory card one Nintendo 3DS LL. I’ll take 3D photos and 3D movies . I can use the software of the DSi, to play 3DS software and DS. Software is included from the beginning . Under such circumstances , in order to find a wireless LAN access point that can connect to the Internet automatically the power of the body , and if you (closed body ) to communicate , you sleep mode , 1 I a variety of already We recognize and data is received before . If it is not stored in the SD card ⿟ , ※ the data received by the communication . It communicates to look for 3DS LL/3DS body other automatically , free information software of the body , 3D video content , announcements , update data , to exchange information about who through me like that and the other it is possible , as a city game and train , passed each other . Configuration 3DS · software passes the communication , it is registered in the body . ● I can pass the communication of 12 ⿟ maximum 3DS software at the same time . ※ The software ⿟ DS / DSi, you must pass each other in the communication mode to start the software . In addition , passing communication of 3DS software , theft of software running in the DS / DSi can not be . If you have wireless communication ⿟ off not hear from us your ※. Depending on the circumstances and specifications of software , page 20 ※ really accurate , there are times when it can not be contacted by passing . In addition , local Internet communication in communication ( page 35 ) does not allow it to pass communicate with each other