10Gb PCI-E NIC Network Card, Quad SFP+ Port, with Original Intel X710-BM1 Controllers, PCI Express Ethernet LAN Adapter Support Windows Server/Linux/VMware ESXi, Compare to Intel X710-DA4


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Brand: 10Gtek


  • Equipped with original Intel X710-BM1 controller chip which supports I/O virtualization and make the servers more stable.
  • Compatible with Windows Server 2012/ 2008; Linux Stable Kernel version 2.6.32/3x; Linux RHEL 6.5 and RHEL 7.0; Linux SLES 11 SP3 and SLES 12; VMware ESXi 5.1/ 5.5.
  • Quad SFP+ ports let you connect to 10 Gigabit SFP+ module/DAC/AOC for meeting the demands of data center environments. PCI Express 3.0 (8 GT/s) x8 Lane is suitable for both PCI-E X8 and PCI-E X16 slots.
  • Driver CD is included natively. With profile bracket and additional low profile bracket that makes it easy to install the card in a small form factor/low profile computer case/server.
  • What You Get: 10Gtek XL710-10G-4S (compare to Intel X710-DA4) 10GbE PCI-E X8 Network Card x1, Driver CD x1, Low-profile Bracket x1. Backed by 10Gtek 30 Days Free-returned, 1 Year Free Warranty and Lifetime Technology Support.

Details: 10Gtek’s XL710-10G-4S (Compare to Intel X710-DA4) is a quad-port 10GbE Converged Network Adapter.
Features: Quad-port 10 GbE adapters 4x SFP+ Ports PCI Express* (PCIe) 3.0, x8 Exceptional Low Power Adapters Network Virtualization offloads including Geneve, VXLAN, and NVGRE Ethernet Flow Director for hardware-based application traffic steering Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK) optimized for efficient packet processing Excellent small packet performanceCompare to Intel X710-DA4 Data rate supported per port: Optical: 10 GbE Direct Attach: 10 GbE Bus type: PCI Express 3.0 (8 GT/s) Bus width: 8-lane PCI Express Interrupt levels: INTA, MSI, MSI-X
Network Operating Systems (NOS) Software Support : Windows Server 2012 R2* Windows Server 2012 R2 Core Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2012 Core Windows Server 2008 R2* Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Linux* Stable Kernel version 2.6/4x Linux RHEL 6.5/6.7/6.8 Linux SLES 11 SP4 and SLES 12 SP1 FreeBSD* 9 and FreeBSD* 10 UEFI* 2.1 UEFI* 2.3 VMware ESXi 5.1 (Limited Functionality) VMware ESXi 5.5