【beruf】 Urban Explorer 16.5L Waterproof Back Pack, Made In Japan (NAVY, DURON)


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Brand: beruf

Color: Navy


  • height16.1/ width11.4/ depth5.5

Details: 【Product Introduction】
The “URBAN EXPLORER 16 Backpack” is a lightweight multifunctional backpack designed for travelers and business people traveling between cities.
The ultimate minimalist appearance that is easy to match with any styling, and the full functionality that demonstrates performance in urban life are included.
From travel use to daily business use, it is a recommended item that realizes “if you have this one”.

● Two side zipper pockets that can be accessed while carrying
● Mobile battery inside the bag and mobile device can be connected using the holes in the side zipper pockets
br> ● Mobile devices can be stored using the side zipper pocket
● The packing space on the front side of the interior has a built-in urethane foam to prevent it from losing its shape
● The built-in panel for storing the device is removable
● The built-in panel can store notebook PCs / tablet devices up to 13.3 inches / various cables / mobile batteries / pocket WiFi / memo pads / pens, etc.
● Security pockets placed behind the cushion pad on the back
● Can be fixed to the handle of the caster bag using the strap placed on the back
● Shoulder harness that uses thick urethane foam and draws a curve along the body
● Body material “DURON ” and YKK Lightweight, durable and water resistant due to the “water-stop fastener” made by
● Size that can be carried on board both domestic and international flights
● Capacity: 16.5L

■ Front: DURON Polyurethane (Waterproof)
■ Back: Nylon (Water Repellent) / Polyester Mesh

【About DURON Polyurethane】
DURON , which was developed as a highly durable polyurethane material, is It boasts overwhelming strength and hydrolysis resistance compared to general polyurethane.
The matte, rubber-like surface is scratch-resistant and has high water resistance.