How to Clean a Bathroom

An unclean and untidy bathroom can be incredibly off-putting and in many ways more unpleasant than other rooms that haven’t been cleaned for a while.

 We go to the bathroom in order to get cleaner and thus it is disconcerting when those bathrooms feel less clean than we are. Unfortunately, bathrooms are also very hard to maintain seeing as they are constantly full of water, condensation, cleaning products, and other things that tend to make a lot of mess.

The solution is to try and organise and design your bathroom in such a way that it will be less likely to get untidy in the first place and that it will be easier to maintain when you do have to give it a clean. At the same time, you need to be logical and systematic in the way that you approach cleaning.

The following tips will make it much easier to clean your bathroom and keep it that way.

Regular Cleaning Tips

Remove All Your Surface Items

If your bathroom is home to about 30 different bottles of beauty products, then trying to wipe the surface around them is not going to do the job! Take everything off of those surfaces, then wipe beneath thoroughly before replacing them.

Use the Right Products

When you clean your bathroom, you should make sure to use the right products. You can wipe away dust and disinfect the surfaces with a good branded bleach product such as Mr Muscle, or you can make your own using baking soda. Either way though, you should also consider investing in the following:

  • Limescale remover – This will remove the yellow stains around your plug, as well as the hard deposits on your taps.
  • Mold killer – A good mold killer product can instantly kill the mold on your walls and ceiling.
  • Cistern block – This will color the water in your toilet which instantly makes it more appealing.
  • Glass cleaner – For your shower divider and mirrors, this will give you the sparkle you want!

Dry Down After

After wiping everything down with products and water, dry it down with a dry cloth or even some kitchen paper. This will remove watermarks that otherwise mark clean surfaces.

Apply Elbow Grease

You might find that over time, your sink becomes stained and no product will remove it. The same goes for the inside of your toilet. You might assume this is a permanent issue.

But try really scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge and in 99% of cases, it will all come off. An old toothbrush can also be a very useful tool for getting between tiles where the grouting is, or for getting around the base of a tap.

Keep a Cloth Handy

Moisture can cause problems throughout your bathroom. In particular, it can lead to watermarked mirrors and peeling tiles, so to make sure this doesn’t happen try keeping a dry cloth in the bathroom and develop the habit of drying off all the surfaces every time you’ve had a wash in that room.

Keeping Your Bathroom Organized

Replace/Clean Your Shower Curtain Often

One of the things that is probably making your bathroom look untidy right now is your shower curtain. Over time these have a bad tendency of getting moldy and they can also be very hard to dry off. If you have a shower curtain then, make sure that you are regularly taking it down and washing it or even just replacing it – they aren’t very expensive!

Another tip? Make sure that the curtain isn’t too long which will prevent it from drying off properly. And hang the towel so that it is inside the bath rather than outside of it – this will prevent it dripping onto the floor.

Be Minimal

You know those hundred bathroom products? You probably don’t need them! Find the products you haven’t used in the last 2 months and throw them out. You won’t miss them, and the bathroom will look MUCH better for it.

Use the Right Stone

Using high quality stone can make all the difference and prevent chips and cracks as well as mold. Rather than looking at cheap laminate flooring, seek out some granite instead – it’s worth the investment.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Hard floors in bathrooms are good because they don’t soak up water, but on the downside they do tend to show up every single hair and can be pretty tough to clean. If you want to make life a little easier for yourself, consider getting a robotic vacuum cleaner – they’re ideal for sucking up dust and dirt from hard surfaces like this and can keep your bathroom looking constantly spotless. Open the bathroom door and leave them to roam the house!

Install a Bathroom Fan

Leaving a window open is a great way to let air circulate around the bathroom, but it’s all too easy to forget to do it (not to mention the fact that not every bathroom has a window). The solution is to set up a bathroom fan which will help pull moisture out of the room. The best of these will be activated automatically when you turn on the light to make sure no one leaves the room soaking wet without doing something about it.

Have a Bin in the Room

Tired of people leaving empty toilet rolls on the floor? It would be a running joke in many households if it was funny… Solve this problem for good simply by having a bin in the room, right by the toilet.

Heated Towel Rail

Get a heated towel rail and never again will you have to deal with using a cold, damp towel in order to dry yourself off. Which is definitely one for the ‘win’ column. This will also prevent that same moisture from getting onto everything else.

Self-Closing Toilets

Speaking of arguments in the bathroom… yep these things actually exist! And they will solve a world of problems. It makes your bathroom look MUCH tidier.

Get a Plug Cover

This is another simple and easy investment that will save arguments – one plug cover can prevent blocked sinks and prevent someone from having to reach in and pull out all the hair.

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